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An intentional-living online community for creative clutterers.
We're not broken, just untrained. Let's change together!

$10/month if you join now.
Want to join us?
Let's get intentional!!!

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Finally there is a home for us.
Attic MessA place where we can learn gently and at our own pace, how to make our messy spaces finally function. We will keep what we love and what works. We toss only the things in our way. We stand tall as we learn.

When it’s time to leave home, and we know someone is waiting for us… and we can’t find our keys… at those times it’s hard for us to stand tall. It’s hard to feel strong and remember that we are lovely inside.
Here is a safe placeto share with others who understand. Here nosy family will not hound us. Work busybodies will not label us.
We are tiredof keeping loved ones out of our homes. We want to invite a friend to tea. We want to make cookies with a child. We dream of hosting a holiday meal… if we could make the space and time.
Garage Clutter

Pushing doesn't work.
We resort to filling boxes or laundry baskets with items from the kitchen table... or the floor in the living room. Once out of sight, we may not look at them again.

We find the secret lies in kindness... to ourselves. We go gently. We honor our fears and doubts with others who understand. We start with small steps. Once we gain some success and pride, we get courage to step it up, slowly.

We want to enjoy life... not struggle to get through a day without losing something… or wondering why that box just spilled on the floor again… while we are leaving in a hurry. Again.

$10/month if you join now.
Want to join us?
Let's get intentional!!!

I'm In!
Here you are understood.
Clutter AgainHere are others learning how to live intentionally with gentleness and self-kindness. With a community of others like ourselves, we no longer feel alone.

  • We live intentionally.
  • We toss clutter and activities which drag us down.
  • We keep what enriches us.  Without judgement.
  • We don't live in "impression management;" how it looks to others is not the point. How it serves us is.

How will this site help you?

  • This is a safe place where outsiders can’t eavesdrop.
  • If you are like me, the community will help you stay on track.
  • You won't feel alone any more.

Why would you pay $10/month instead of reading books?

  • You already tried doing it alone, I'm guessing? If not, give it a try, by all means.
  • You won't feel alone any more.

Inside the Team Site, online 24 /7:

  • Monthly group chats where we set intentions together.
  • Weekly "Couch to Clutter Free" suggested activities for 16 weeks.
  • Post questions, share inspiration and receive understanding.
  • Share and discuss pertinent videos, books, articles and ideas
  • Monthly live online workshops
  • Weekly emails from me with content not found anywhere else.
  • Private chats available with other members/illuminators any time.

$10/month if you join now.
Want to join us?
Let's get intentional!!!

I'm In!

Why am I qualified to help?

  • I've got over 20 years of experience leading groups and instructing, both online and in person.
  • I have had these struggles and can encourage you with full understanding.
  • I know that a mess to one person is no problem to another. I can lead you toward functioning well.

Learn to make sure you can find the things you need, during the course of ordinary living. You don’t need to feel alone… we proceed together. We provide support. Tossing happens as we go, with intention and clarity.

Here we make a commitment to ourselves, and each other.

Hello friend. Welcome home.


$10/month if you join now.
Want to join us?
Let's get intentional!!!

I'm In!

I'm not sure if this is for me or not. Help me figure it out, please.

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